N-Ferno 6980 Winter Hand Warmer Muff

N-Ferno 6980 Winter Hand Warmer Muff

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  • DURABLE NYLON SHELL – Windproof and water-resistant
  • WARM LINING – 100% polyester fleece
  • NEOPRENE CUFFS – Keep heat in and cold out
  • ANGLED MUFF DESIGN – Increases functionality and makes for a natural, comfortable fit
  • QUICK-RELEASE WAISTBAND – Adjusts to fit with or without bulky winter gear
  • SWIVEL MECHANISM – Enables wearer to loosen and spin muff to backside when not in use
  • WARMING PACK POCKETS – Two interior pockets for hand warming packets
  • FRONT ZIPPERED COMPARTMENT – Storage for personal items or small gear (cell phone, screwdriver, nails, pens, etc.)
  • NAMETAG LABEL – For personalization
  • D-RING ATTACHMENT – For linking glove clips and other small tetherable gear
  • KITTED OPTION – Sold with 5 Hand Warmer Packs

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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Product Description

The N-Ferno 6980 Winter Hand Warmer Muff is worn around the waist to provide instant warming relief when working in the elements, particularly extreme temperature conditions where fine hand dexterity work prevents use of warm gloves.

This thermal hand warmer's windproof and water-resistant nylon shell is combined with a soft polyester fleece lining for warm, cozy protection from the elements (with or without gloves). Neoprene cuffs make it easy to insert and remove hands while also keeping cold air out. The angled design of the muff makes for a natural, comfortable fit while using.

The adjustable quick-release waistband provides a customized fit with or without bulky winter gear. When not needed, the hand muff can be loosened and spun to the back of the body.

Inside the hand muff are two interior pockets designed to fit hand warming packets for added warmth. There is also a front zippered compartment for storing small gear or personal items, a nametag label and a d-ring attachment point for linking glove clips, keys and other small tetherable gear.

Ideal for those in construction, transportation, warehousing or at-heights work such as telecommunications, oil and gas, power generation and more. Also works great for recreational weekend activities.


Relieve Hands From Cold Air During High-Dexterity Tasks With N-Ferno 6980 Winter Hand Warmer Muff


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