Squids 3002 Retractable Tool Lanyard - Locking Carabiner + Belt Loop - 2lbs

front of tool lanyard
back of tool lanyard
tool lanyard extended
Tether tools at heights: prevent dropped objects. Image of tower climber with tethered tools.
Tested & approved: Meets ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard for dropped objects prevention. Image shows lanyard attached to tool. Badges on right say “maximum load limit: 2 lbs/.9kg” and “ANSI/ISEA 121”. Note on the bottom left says “designed to tether hand tools weighing up to 0.5lbs/0.23kg in a retracted state.”
Retractable: limits snags, keeps low profile when anchored. Image shows person in fall protection gear with lanyard and tool tethered to their fall protection.
Easy to use: simple pull and retraction. Image shows person pulling attached tape measure from lanyard attached to their harness.
Cut-resistant cord: lightweight & high-strength to withstand harsh conditions. Image shows detail of cord and carabiner.
Belt attachment: Hook & loop attaches to belts and hardnesses without removal. Image shows detail of how strap attaches to harness.
Size chart. Image shows length of lanyard from carabiner to housing is Size: Standard; Length: 6-48in (96-122cm)
tool lanyard attached to 3770 tape measure trap
tool lanyard extended and attached to pliers

Squids 3002 Retractable Tool Lanyard - Locking Carabiner + Belt Loop - 2lbs

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  • MEETS ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 – Third-party certified to a 2lb // 0.9kg maximum working capacity with a 2:1 safety factor
  • MINIMIZED WORK IMPACT – Retractable design limits snag hazards and keeps a low profile when anchored
  • EASY TO USE – Workers can easily pull the cord out of the housing and let it retract back in
  • CUT-RESISTANT CORD – Lightweight and high-strength Dyneema cord to withstand the harshest conditions
  • MADE TO LAST – Nylon housing with fiberglass reinforcement protects internal components and holds up in the toughest environments
  • BELT ATTACHMENT– Hook & Loop belt/harness attachment allows attaching to belts and harnesses up to 3in / 8cm wide without needing to remove them first
  • ANCHOR CARABINER – Low profile lightweight aluminum carabiner with double-action auto self-locking gate
  • LANYARD DIMENSIONS – Retracted length 6in / 15cm; extended length 48in /122cm

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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The Squids 3002 Retractable Tool Lanyard features a hook & loop belt/harness attachment on one end and an auto-locking carabiner connection on the other. This retractable lanyard is designed to tether hand tools weighing up to 0.5lbs // 0.23kg in a retracted state and prevents tools weighing up to 2lbs // 0.9kg from becoming falling objects. When attached to a belt or harness, the low-profile design keeps the lanyard out of the user’s way while working at heights.

The retractable tethering cord is made of high-strength, lightweight and cut-resistant Dyneema to withstand the harshest conditions while limiting the weight a user carries with them. The ability to retract back into the housing limits the potential snag hazards that standard tool lanyards create.

Textured for better grip and function, the durable, fiberglass-reinforced nylon housing protects the internal workings of the retractable design and the tapered cord exit limits the potential of concrete or other debris being retracted back into the housing with the cord. The fixed web slot on the back of the housing is designed to slip onto rated belts up to 3in / 8cm wide.


Tested and qualified to the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard, these retractable tool lanyards have no equal. The retractable cord extends to 48in / 122 cm in total length with a patented Squid double-action carabiner secured to the connecting end. A protective sleeve over the exposed cord guarantees this lanyard is built to last.

All tool lanyards are built to withstand defined weight limits and are easy to use by any worker to avoid accidental dropped objects that could cause damage, injuries or possibly death. Safety lanyards are a part of an overall fall protection plan to reduce the risk of falling objects and increase workplace safety. When working at heights, it’s essential to tether tools. These lanyards are also great for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, boating and other weekend activities.

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