N-Ferno 6970 Extreme Balaclava Face Mask - Hot Rox

Balaclava on model
Back of balaclava on model
Heat exchanger: provides warm air inhalation for extreme conditions. Diagram shows exterior and interior panels converting cold air to warm air as it passes through the foam insert.
Form-fitting face mask: adjustable design keeps cold air out and prevents eyewear from fogging
Versatile wear: removable face mask for moderate-cold conditions
High-quality thermal fleece: warmth in mild to extreme conditions. Long length: full thermal head & neck coverage, easily tucks into jackets
Stretchable material: flexible to fit most sized heads
Balaclava on model under hard hat
Front of balaclava
Back of balaclava

N-Ferno 6970 Extreme Balaclava Face Mask - Hot Rox

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  • HEAT EXCHANGER – Provides warm air inhalation for extreme cold conditions
  • FORM-FITTING FACE MASK – Adjustable nose clip keeps cold air out and prevents eyewear from fogging
  • VERSATILE WEAR – Removeable face mask for moderate to cold conditions
  • LONG LENGTH – Full thermal head & neck coverage that easily tucks into jackets
  • REFLECTIVE ACCENTS – Help keep wearers seen and safe

California Residents: read Proposition 65 .

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The N-Ferno is a technologically advanced high-performance cold weather mask to combat the damaging effects of breathing in cold air.

Warm 320g fleece covers the face, neck and head, while controlling moisture to keep you dry and warm. The built-in, removable heat exchanger warms the air before it gets to your face for easier breathing in extreme cold. The adjustable nose clip prevents eyewear from fogging, and the adjustable face mask is removable with hook-and-loop attachments. Reflective accents offer visibility at night or in low-light conditions. Patented design.

One size fits most and can be worn alone or under hard hats, ski helmets or other head protection. This winter face mask is perfect for those who work in construction, freight/baggage, drilling/mining, oil/gas refining, iron/steel, delivery/service, landscaping/grounds, warehousing, and working in refrigerated areas. Can also be worn as a ski face mask or worn hunting, climbing, running, cycling, boating, skating or other outdoor sports.  

The CDC’s recommendation on cloth face masks has shot the demand for our face coverings to record levels. It is important to note that while our face coverings are in line with CDC recommendations for cloth face covers (such as: snug fit around face, unrestricted breathing, multiple layers of fabric, machine washable), they are not a replacement for surgical masks or N95 respirators.

Please refer to our COVID-19 page to get the latest info and updates.

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